Comic for Wednesday, Oct 23, 2019


Posted October 23, 2019 at 12:00 am

I chose the spelling I did for "Dea ElSee" because I looked into other potential spellings and whether they were in use (be they names, nicknames, etc), and it was the only one I tried that came up with nothing.

Granted, spelled like that, one might feel inclined to pronounce it slightly differently, but it should at least roll off the tongue similarly, SO THERE!

In any case, yay for alchemical Tensaided! Whoo!

Personality wise, and visually, I wanted Tensaided for this role. Role-wise, one might argue it should have gone to Tedd. Consider the goggles a compromise! That accidentally happened when I wanted Tensaided to have goggles and I couldn't have them up and look good because of his hair, but still.

As for why "DLC", some of Fable 2's DLC added potions with cosmetic effects. I'm glad I got them back in the day, because I don't know how you're supposed to get them these days without actually having an XBox 360. Things are set up so you can only get 360 content on an XBox One via what's included in physical copies and/or first getting everything via an actual XBox 360, which is quite odd.

I'm assuming licensing nonsense is somehow to blame, because with something that inexplicable, I assume it's going to be something like that.