Comic for Tuesday, Apr 14, 2020


Posted April 14, 2020 at 12:00 am

I may have given the wrong impression with my previous commentary. The logic behind this "cheats off" explanation for how Susan was de-powered wasn't intended to be instantly obvious. The eventual explanation is relatively simple and clean, but it still needs one (more of an explanation than has been given so far).

Even Susan's confused! She didn't think she was cheating, and technically, she wasn't.

As for what the cheating was, I'll elaborate more later, but I'll say this for now: I'm taking advantage of the fact that, in order to make fun of how broken XP potions were in Fable 2, I jokingly made Susan max level in EVERYTHING before even finding the first hero.

The potions were broken, yes, but THAT was hyperbole for the sake of parody right there.

Technically correct, the best KIND of correct

After the last strip, it was pointed out to me that Susan's shirt really shouldn't be that loose at the bottom. After doing several complex calculations, and consulting someone wearing a lab coat, I have to concede the point. It should be looser than before, but not THAT loose.

I think it looks better this way than it would accurately, however. Here, it's just hanging loose. Accurately, it would be loose around the chest, and sort of taper at the bottom? It'd look a bit odd. Accurate, but odd.