Comic for Friday, Feb 7, 2020


Posted February 7, 2020 at 12:00 am

I really need to start splitting this thing into parts (if you're from the future and it looks like I have done, HOORAY! I DID THE THING!).

Case in point, this is the start of a part in which we take a break from the main plot, and even Susan, for a bit to see Rhoda go do... Something? Who knows what!

I mean, I do. I've written a lot of it. I had taken Wednesday off in part because I'd been so preoccupied with other things the week prior that I didn't have the writing done, or was even sure what it was going to be. I had a super vague idea about what came next, and that was it.

(Confession: Though I really like the previous strip, this lack of preparedness was pretty much why that epilogue existed instead of just moving on.)

Then I got a better idea that led to another idea and it was totally because I took a day to just sit down, relax, and write.

There's probably a lesson there? Probably something about always giving 200% and never stopping! YEAH!

Anyway, sorry for introducing Susan's Star Trek-inspired form-fitting outfit with yoga-style pants just before taking a break from her for a bit.