Comic for Monday, Feb 3, 2020


Posted February 3, 2020 at 11:23 pm

Panel two is partially inspired by The Witcher (books in particular), and people knowing about the main character Geralt by virtue of bard-sung word-of-mouth.

Bard-sung word-of-mouth that was often more concerned with weaving a crowd-pleaser than an accurate retelling of what happened, so really, who knows what liberties Bard-Ellen has taken. Whatever they were, they seem to have worked in Susan's favor.

As for poking fun at Fable 2, the ambiguity in my story is NOT poking fun at it. You can say a lot about the game, but what the big bad is up to, and why they're doing, it is plenty clear. Really, it's the character who's the equivalent of cloaked-Arthur whose motives are vague.

In short, I'm more poking fun at the way I've gone about writing this.