Comic for Monday, Sep 23, 2019


Posted September 23, 2019 at 7:02 pm

I chose to draw this storyline in my standard drawing style with normal proportions, and found I didn't like the idea of Susan running around and killing bandits without the extra layer of absurdity added by more cartoonish proportions.

Fortunately, I feel this is in character for her, and it gave me the opportunity to comment on something else.

"Should Be"

People often talk about what they want in a game or story without considering the full ramifications of those things.

Which is understandable and fine. We're casually talking about things we think we'd like to have, not doing homework assignments about game mechanics or story structure.

Of course, there are people who make lengthy videos talking about these things, and they probably should consider that stuff, but I digress.

THE POINT IS, a lot of the stuff we think we want could, in practice, actually be terrible and not fun.

Which, as I've said, isn't really a big deal until you make an hour long video in which you endlessly berate the creators and insult their intelligence while suggesting things that wouldn't actually work, PERSON WHO DOES THAT!

(I was going to jokingly end that sentence with some random name, but given how many people make critique videos these days, there's probably no name I could go with that wouldn't be linked to an actual person.)