Comic for Friday, Sep 20, 2019


Posted September 20, 2019 at 3:32 pm

Slow Time in Fable 2 had two functions:

Not Targeted - Slows down time for a variable number of seconds.

Targeted - Rushes you at a target, and gives you a damage boost if you attack fast enough.

I suppose what Susan does here could be viewed as "not targeted" and doing things while time is slowed, but I imagine it's not a shock to anyone that there is no option to mess with people's outfits or steal their weapons.

That said, however, I'd really like to see that in a game. I'd like a freeze time mechanic that doesn't let you run or attack while it's active, but does allow you to activate, move, and take things.

Maybe in-game buttons you press don't fully activate until time speeds back up, allowing you to effectively activate several things at once.

Maybe you can take enemy weapons and gear away if you time things right, with where the enemy is in their animations possibly mattering, meaning you have to time the ability right for it to be an option, and there being a danger of walking right into a hit if timed poorly.

Maybe you can put things in the way that will trip up enemies, or would be bad for them to hit, but they're already mid-attack and won't be able to stop in time.

Maybe you could even push enemies around a bit or turn them, possibly directing them towards things like cliff edges or each other.

I think there's tons of potential there, but most games are just like "hey, you want to aim more easily, and/or get a bunch of attacks in while enemies are defenseless? Yeah you do."