Comic for Friday, Oct 26, 2018


Posted October 26, 2018 at 12:00 am

Don't worry, Sarah. I just made a pattern brush of a bunch of circles. Nothing of value was lost aside from a really exciting block puzzle to open the door properly.

This was basically the inspiration for this whole storyline. Not specifically wrecking this door, but destructive archaeology.

Ultimately, however, there's only so much to be done with the same joke, and I came up with something else to focus on. After THAT, however, I saw the opening of the Tomb Raider 1996 game again (been years since I'd seen it), and wanted to poke fun at things from that, too.

As such, we're only now on the verge of seeing what the deal with this crypt is, at which point we veer from simply parody to EGS appropriate puzzles of my own design.