Comic for Wednesday, Oct 24, 2018


Posted October 24, 2018 at 12:00 am

Well... She's not WRONG, exactly.

For a time, I actually thought that's what Lara Croft actually wore. In my defense, the original cover art made her shirt look shiny and rather form fitting. It wasn't until pre-rendered graphics improved that I realized my mistake.

I considered whether I should have this and the previous comic, or if I should just choose one, as they both discuss the matter of Nanase's outfit with the same basic conclusion. Ultimately, however, I felt there was enough to criticize for two comics, and I wanted them both.

Well, that, and when I'm trying to work ahead on EGSNP nonsense and I've got an idea I like, may as well use it! Granted, this wound up being posted late, BUT THE PRINCIPLE STANDS.