Comic for Friday, Aug 10, 2018


Posted August 10, 2018 at 1:00 am

My pretend lawyer would like me to assure everyone that they had not rehearsed making trouble "double".

Diane recently changed her hair in EGS canon, and a lot of people, not unfairly, compared it to Sarah's. It is, in fact, similar to sarah's, and VERY similar to Sarah's hair at the beginning of the comic.

Some people said it would be difficult to tell Diane and Sarah apart now, however, and I felt there was only one appropriate response to that! To make TROUBLE, and make it...

I mean, have them in the same panels while wearing the same outfits, complete with not having Sarah wear her hairband.

He's Probably Heard About It, Yeah

The first panel isn't addressing a criticism I heard or anything. It's basically just "I need them to be talking about SOMETHING" filler for the first panel, and that thought just occurred to me while I was trying to come up with something.

It's like, yeah, people turning into merfolk to cross rivers and such would PROBABLY be a known thing.

Also, yes, that's most likely mer-Nanase jumping out of the water. She's having fun.