Comic for Friday, Aug 3, 2018


Posted August 3, 2018 at 1:00 am
(Fun fact, that's Justin at 1:10 scale)

The most recent Pokemon generation has set monsters you summon for riding around on. This is presumably because someone somewhere finally asked how chicken-sized monsters were being used for transport.

I mean, to be fair, most of them were big chickens.

But still.

And yeah, this and what's next is why I felt the need to establish a fun pocket dimension the Graces can just go to wherever. There's only so much panel space and room in that pocket.

Wind Waker Rules

It does! But anyway, There are bird people in that game.

They've got arms when they feel like it and wings when they feel like it.

It's a good system.

It might seem strange that they work that way, but it all makes sense when you realize they evolved from fish.

ANYWAY, I considered giving FeatherGrace the angel wing treatment so she could carry Justin in something other than her feet, BUT NO! I felt that wasn't truly bird-ish. It was ANGEL-ISH.

But then I felt bad, because Grace likes video games, and most of those need fingers, so I wanted her to have those.

So basically, there's a Wind Waker reference in this comic because I'm nitpicky about what qualifies as a bird, and I wanted FeatherGrace to canonically be able to play video games. I felt strongly enough about both of these things that The Legend of Zelda got involved.

This is what happens when you combine a dork who gets hung up on specifics with overactive empathy.