Comic for Wednesday, Jul 11, 2018


Posted July 11, 2018 at 1:08 am
I don't know if anyone will laugh out loud at this, and I worry people who haven't played Pokemon will be simply "what the heck even", but I love it anyway.

In short, this ain't what happens in the game. You walk in front of a trainer? They don't care what you want. You're down to a 1 HP Weedle and no potions? Doesn't matter. IT'S FIGHTING TIME.

And yes, their eyes hadn't actually met before Tensaided started talking in panel one. That much, at least, is 100% consistent with what happens in-game.


I forget when exactly I cam to this decision, but I decided one day that Tensaided isn't just heavy with fat. He's not got a lot of definition, but he's more muscle than one might assume. It only really shows in his lower legs and when his arms are exposed, however.

As for his outfit, "Beegrace" is a clue. Dude's a bugcatcher trainer.

Why? What do you mean "why"? It meant I got to draw Tensaided in that hat!