Comic for Tuesday, Jul 10, 2018


Posted July 10, 2018 at 12:23 am
In the Pokemon games, each monster gets a description.

These descriptions are nonsense. The most obvious example is Cubone, a monster that supposedly wears the skull of it's dead mother (which is all sorts of messed up already).

EXCEPT you can breed Cubones, and the mothers keep their skulls. Even if you make up some sort of artificial replacement skull nonsense (what?), they can have multiple offspring, and there's no way those Cubone siblings are all wearing the same skull.

ALSO, that backstory references a specific Cubone and their circumstances in the first games, and it being the general entry for all of them makes no sense.

Frankly, though, this is all a good thing, because the entries can be absurd and even horrifying, and I'm much happier being able to dismiss it as some manner of nonsense that one or more in-game characters have made up.

I also like the idea that the protagonist is actually just making it all up, because lately, they've had a tendency to eerily smile under all circumstances, and it amuses me to think that's the sort of thing that goes through their minds.

Monster Blockery

This comic got posted Crazy Taxi--I mean, crazy late, and it's in large part because I wasn't satisfied with the ideas I had that would fit here. I did not think that was going to be an issue with this storyline, BUT HERE WE ARE, I GUESS.

Granted, this *is* intended to be a short storyline in which some fun is poked and cuteness is had, so I can end it whenever I want. I'd like to go a BIT longer, however, as we need to at least see some evolu--er, metamorphosed Graces!