Comic for Thursday, Feb 8, 2024


Posted February 8, 2024 at 12:44 am

Tedd is so hyped to learn some intentionally lackluster magic.

If I had infinite time, power, and a skateboard, I would redraw Elliot so the hand holding the drumstick wasn't overlapping with his torso. It makes his torso look weird to me.

That said, I like first panel Tedd and Grace in this comic, and I love Sarah and last panel Tedd, so I can't be too down on myself.

I had written two spells examples, and I wanted to leave it at two, but I found myself with space for three visuals. I decided to fill the third slot with a training spell that's already been confirmed as canon, and being used for training.

Authorial intent was for panel two to be Tedd's imagination, hence Grace, Elliot, and Sarah. Helping those three train their magic is totally where Tedd's mind would go here (in addition to "yay new spells to play with").