Comic for Saturday, Nov 18, 2023


Posted November 18, 2023 at 12:00 am

Note: I'm taking next Thursday off from EGSNP for Thanksgiving, but there will be a Thursday sketchbook. Story comics return Wednesday.

- Fox smiling

I thought it would be a fun quirk if the duplicate indicated "I am successfully doing the thing you told me to do" by smiling.

Potentially cute, creepy, or both depending on the circumstances. I think it adds to the artificial nature of Fox.

I didn't want the smile itself to imply to much on its own. I just wanted it to look like a normal smile. It looking fake, or over-the-top, wouldn't work the way I wanted.

As for Fox's expressions when she HASN'T been given something specific to do while being summoned, those generally reflect Nanase's present feelings, or are similar to faces Nanase herself would naturally make were she in Fox's place.

For example, if I'm drawing someone making a grumpy face, I might make that face myself. If I summoned a duplicate, and I had them draw a grumpy face, they'd likely do the same thing.

(Unless I included "draw a grumpy face" as part of the spell, in which case my duplicate would be smiling in order to indicate successful drawing of the grumpy face.)

(I guess this can get a little confusing.)