Comic for Thursday, Oct 26, 2023


Posted October 26, 2023 at 12:00 am

Ashley's self-insert characters should never assume they're going to get the Mary Sue treatment. They've only got, like, ten percent odds of being that lucky.

Ashley's Job

In this storyline, I basically consider it Ashley's job to take the exposition I want to include, and use it for nonsense like this.

Which I almost decided against this time. I wrote this comic before I'd settled on visuals for the previous exposition-filled comic, which wound up having its own silly visuals.

Ultimately, two simple things saved this comic:

1 - Someone in my position should NOT casually through out a comic idea without a REALLY good reason.

2 - I wanted to draw it, SO THERE!

Though it IS worth noting that not-Ashley was originally acting like a dog, too. I didn't want to repeat that.

It's just as well, because doggo not-Ashley would've been sitting, making this all much more difficult to stage. Chicken not-Ashley made this much easier.