Comic for Thursday, Sep 21, 2023


Posted September 21, 2023 at 12:00 am

A lot of advice boils down to "just don't do this, OBVIOUSLY," but I rarely see people consider states of diminished mental capacity and/or fortitude when suggesting these things.

Things that could contribute to poor decision making include hunger, anger, stress, intoxication, distracting environment, lack of sleep (have I said to get enough sleep yet???), magical side effects, and all sorts of things.

This isn't to say people stop being responsible for their actions. It's just more advice needs to take into account natural moments of diminished willpower (basically, they need to acknowledge that we're human).

For example, if someone has a bad habit of randomly browsing suggested videos, and that's easy to manage when wide awake, but not when tired, then they should probably have a designated home for their phone in the evening that's not in arm's reach of their bed.

It might hurt one's pride to take that approach, but it's better than staying awake for an extra hour learning about already debunked One Piece fan theories (hypothetically speaking, of course).