Comic for Monday, Jun 10, 2019


Posted June 10, 2019 at 12:00 am

I think this is true in all Bethesda open world games I'm familiar with, and I think it's an ingenious solution to the problem of being able to wander in any direction at any level and do quests in variable orders. It also means you can go back to an earlier area and still feel more powerful due to the enemies "not training" if you've been there before.

There are tweaks I would personally make to it for my own experience, but I would make personal adjustments to pretty much anything, and the base system in this case is a pretty good one.

It's also one that happens so organically that, in Skyrim, you can totally miss that level scaling is even happening. I've talked to people who didn't realize that level scaling was a thing, which was a reveal one of them wasn't prepared for given how much varied leveling they'd been doing in non-combat skills.

In any case, one could change the difficulty at any time, so if it turned out being the fast talking-est elf in the land wasn't doing one any favors in combat, there was a way to balance things a bit.