Comic for Monday, Apr 22, 2019


Posted April 22, 2019 at 12:00 am

It was important enough to me to show that dude's eyebrows that I openly defied the inherent opaqueness of his bucket helmet. I apologize for nothing.

A lack of tires

That guy with the wheel on his back is inspired by post-apocalyptic armor that incorporate bits of tire. This fantasy post-apocalypse doesn't have tires, so this poor guy is stuck with a wagon wheel on his back. Between that and all the buckets, it's a wonder he can flee so quickly.

Nerdy video game references

The kitty people of The Elder Scrolls, the Khajiit, get a fancy +12 damage when unarmed in Skyrim (the game says it's +15, but my understanding is that's an error).

Very early on, it means the Khajiit can outperform actual weapons. That doesn't last long, but if one really wanted to build a character to specialize in unarmed combat, it can be done. It just wouldn't outperform the same effort put into a weapon-using build.