Comic for Wednesday, Oct 10, 2018


Posted October 10, 2018 at 12:00 am

- 1st comic with this brave hero
- Second

This is a really organic super hero joke, so I wouldn't be surprised if jokes like this have been done.

The origin for ME thinking of something like this, however, was playing the recent PS4 Spider-Man game. The game does a really good job of giving Spider-Man a variety of fun quips, and though one will hear some quips repeated, it won't be terribly often.

Unless one's a completionist and does a bunch of similar side missions and/or optional fighting all at once, at which point one becomes EXTREMELY familiar with all the various quips and will potentially learn to recite them from memory.

As for the comic itself, the hardest part for me was thinking of a quip, and how it might be criticized. Fortunately for me, Grace has six arms, and I eventually came up with this.

What? Yes, she's referring to her arms when she says she's got a six pack. What did you think she was referring to?