Comic for Monday, Oct 1, 2018


Posted October 1, 2018 at 12:00 am

You could swap Susan out with me in this comic and get very similar dialogue.

After recent comics, "bubbly" was suggested as a word for what I like, and it really does seem to fit, so yay for that.

One might, however, compare the magic tea effect to certain... Things, and there's something I've said before on the subject, and here is it:

"I like situations in which characters act a bit out of character, and I've come to realize that, in a lot of ways, what I like is basically the fiction of alcohol.

I like characters acting less inhibited, more playful, energetic, silly, lacking in modesty, etc. These are all expectations one might associate with partying with alcohol.

Having been the sober person at a few parties full of not very responsible drinking, however, I know that's not the reality. I've also read about alcohol, its effects, and how a lot of what people experience at parties is more placebo than chemical.

There's having an academic appreciation, however, and then there's being the sober witness to what actually happens and its aftermath.

And so, still liking the fictional party fun outcome (and super wanting it for myself, if I'm being extra honest), but irrevocably associating alcohol with its harsher reality, I think of stuff like magic being responsible. In some ways, I've replaced the fiction of booze with magic wands, wizards, and (non-alcoholic) potions (and tea).

Which, given that it's fictional either way, I say is a step up."

Too Long, Didn't Read: Magic is clearly good and fine while other "stuff" is bad and not good good for you except caffeine which is clearly fine why would you even question it don't open that can of worms