Comic for Friday, Sep 28, 2018


Posted September 28, 2018 at 5:50 pm

This comic went through a few phases:

  1. I should do a comic in which they wonder about whether there's a male version of the word! I could mention Seinfeld! And "mimbo"!

  2. Wait, I don't actually know the history of the word. I should look into that. (Looks into it). That's interesting, but do I have my facts straight? This is from a wiki. I know they try to have their facts straight, but...

  3. Oh hey, someone conveniently e-mailed me a YouTube video on this very subject after the last comic, and totally clarifies a few things I wasn't sure about!

  4. ...How the flip am I gonna fit this explanation into a single panel WHAT HAVE I...!

I wasn't originally planning to have Tedd be "a surfer", but then when I got done inking that last panel with that hair and that necklace dealie, I was like "yeah, that's the ticket".

That's also why he wound up with a tan. Like, Tedd would pretty much never get a tan in reality, but toss some magic in, and yeah. Tedd can get a tan. A MAGIC tan.

Also, I moved them both down a bit in that last panel to make space for dialogue balloons, and their postures are a bit, um... Slanty? But they basically swapped heights between panels one and three.