Comic for Monday, Apr 30, 2018


Posted April 30, 2018 at 1:52 am

- Sandwich theft
- Tom's friend

I technically posted this on April 30th. I mean, it depends on the time zone, BUT TECHNICALLY...!

Anyway, I wasn't sure how to start this bonus part off. I know of several things I want to happen in it, but I really, REALLY wasn't sure where to begin.

So I cleared my head with some meditation (by which I mean I played some Skyrim), and this popped into my brain.

And yes of course Tom's dressed like that it's the latest fashion why would you question it

No text!

I enjoy limiting myself to visuals at times, and I figured that would a) be fun for me, and b) make this feel more like a montage. There'll still be text bubbles suggesting things (though I think I'll make fugure ones a bit bigger than in this comic), but no actual words.

Card combo

The exact combination used on Tom and... Not Tom was the following:

Animal Fox, the physical part of Lifeguard, clothing Furry, and the mental part of Kitty Pet.

For the sake of simplicity, everyone just goes along with the mental effects in this sequence.

Well, that, or the entirely more sinister explanation that the wand works differently somehow, but nobody think that you are incorrect shoo.