Comic for Monday, Jul 31, 2017


Posted July 31, 2017 at 3:18 am

- The original Goonmanji

I had warned people that they would not be able to predict how Goonmanji 2 would begin, and I would be shocked to learn that anyone had predicted the introduction of a new immorta dressed as... Well, honestly, I'm not sure what she's dressed as.

Her outfit is a deliberate amalgamation of several clothing tropes in video games and anime. I actually toned it down a bit after reminding myself that I would be the one solely responsible for drawing her again and again, and that it would be tiring to repeatedly have to draw THAT many belt buckles.

In any case, yes, this storyline is non-canon, and yes, it will feature people playing a magical transformation board game. I did not want to simply have some lecherous disembodied voice behind the game this time, however, as that does not suit how I want to write these days, nor would it suit who will be playing.

Enter she who must not be--I mean, she who has not yet been named, and I don't believe it too much of a spoiler to say that she will somehow be involved with the game that will be played, and that she will have her own motivations for getting people to play some unusual magic board game of transformation.