Comic for Monday, Jun 26, 2017


Posted June 26, 2017 at 1:00 am

I consider this a relatively predictable ability for her to wind up with ( and people did, in fact, predict it), BUT NONETHELESS!

I still have a twist or two up my sleeve, though, including what does and doesn't count as "a beam".

Ellen form and Rhoda on demand

As much as I dislike not working ahead on EGS:NP, it sort of suits Ellen Demo. It's a showcase of things without a real story to keep track of, and things can be done in response to people's reactions. The visuals in this comic, for example, would be very different if not for responses to the previous comic. Rhoda, let alone Catalina, wouldn't even be in it.

Granted, this is specific to this sort of "storyline". There are many situations in which there is no advantage that outweighs the benefits of having stuff done in advance.

"Bad" Tom gets zapped

"Bad" Tom is a manipulative person who is full of himself, and he has a history with Ashley, whom he made sad, and he tried to manipulate Susan.

Of course, two wrongs don't make a right, so that doesn't make it okay to zap him. Two wrongs CAN be super duper cathartic in fiction, however, AND this is non-canon, so huzzah!

Granted, Tom is young, and he could learn better. I only call him "Bad" Tom because I felt bad about dragging the name "Tom" through the mud and created "Good" Tom as a token, well, good Tom!

He is insufferable.

Rhoda and clothing transformation

And yes, Rhoda can make clothing looser, tighter, skimpier, etc. Really, she could just shrink someone's clothing a whole bunch, and due to how magic keeps such things "safe", the clothing would tear itself to shreds before hurting anyone.

Not that any of the innocent readers of this comic would have ever considered that possibility.