Comic for Friday, May 19, 2017


Posted May 19, 2017 at 6:00 pm


And thus ends Fun At Work! It could well get spiritual sequels in which things are changing without explanation, but I don't see it being Grace at work again (though Grace may well be involved again, who knows, I haven't written any said sequels yet).

Speaking of sequels, while it won't be the next storyline, Goonmanji is getting a sequel with Ashley, Susan, Catalina, and Rhoda! I need more time to write it, so something else will be this upcoming Monday, but Goonmanji 2 is happening.

(I bring it up now because I have been talking about it elsewhere, so I sort of need to make clear "not just yet")

I never mentioned the non-Grace changes in the commentaries before now because I knew people could, and did, go several comics without ever noticing them. As recently as the last one, I received responses that suggested a lack of awareness of background changes being a regular part of this storyline, and that was my goal. I wanted people to have that "hey, wait a minue..." moment without me having to tell them, and for it to vary when it happened for them.

Granted, I won't be able to do that for any spiritual sequels now (at least not as effectively), but I maintain they could still be fun, darn it.

AND NOW, the non-Grace changes cheat sheet! Though Grace IS mentioned three times, because twice she was in the background, and once I was too subtle. Please note that I went back through these comics to compile this list, and it's possible even I missed something, so I may have to edit this list later.

2 - Sarah's shorts become a skirt in panel 4, and her eyes are darker in panel 3

3 - Sarah's shirt becomes a tank top and her hairband changes color

4 - Stripes on Justin's shirt change, background wall shades become reversed

5 - Female Justin in panel 3, background is mirrored when compared to previous comic. Also, I know these are supposed to be non-Grace changes, but her hair is longer in panel 3, and people found this difficult to tell (I clearly made it too subtle) 

6 - Customers in background switch ages and locations (location switch only to make it harder to tell at a glance), collar of customer at counter becomes larger

7 - Tensaided becomes BUFF, customer at counter becomes female, far background is mirrored

8 - The shirt of the customer in the background either becomes a tank top or vanishes

9 - Customer in background more than likely became a cowgirl

10 - Background mirrors in panel two, winds up upside down in panel 3

11 - Duck's hat colors become inverted, Drake's sleeves are no longer black (the latter being a mistake I decided to keep because why not)

12 - Duck's hat goes from having an adjustable fit strap in panel 1 to not having one in panel 3. Also, he's wearing short sleeves now, which counts, but was less part of the game and more me thinking "wait, isn't it summer?"

13 - Customer in background goes from having a large bust to having large hips instead

14 - Grace. Just... Grace (whom I'm mentioning in this one because she's in the background)

15 - More Grace, but also the comic shelves become mirrored in panel 3

16 - The part in Drake's hair switches sides

17 - Bill's hat makes a triumphant return in panel 3, and there was much rejoicing.

18 - Justin's shirt has a star on it instead of strips, Justin became a cowgirl (which you couldn't possibly have noticed), and Duck, Bill, and Drake are now girls.