Comic for Wednesday, Mar 15, 2017


Posted March 15, 2017 at 2:18 am

While I probably could get away with drawing something closer to what you actually find in-game while waving the flag of parody / commentary without Bethesda throwing a cease and desist brick through my window (especially if I called him "Clodsworth" or something), I see moments like this as a fun opportunity to design my own designs! With blackjack! And platonic companions!

Speaking of possibly obscure Futurama references, this robot's pupils are square as a nod to how robot eyes on that show worked, and I dare say his arms are a bit Bender-like.

As for the overall design, I wanted to approach it as though I were drawing a Mr. Handy from the Fallout series based on someone's description, and without any actual visual reference. The description I went with was "a three-eyed floating robot octopus".

Granted, Mr. Handy's have three arms, but they still remind me of octopuses, darn it. My robot is also short of eight arms, having only four, but what's good enough for Doctor Octopus of Spider-Man is good enough for my cartoon robot.

That, and eight would be a horrible mess of robot limbs.