Comic for Monday, Mar 13, 2017


Posted March 13, 2017 at 1:42 am

Poking fun at Fallout? ME?! Never!

This is just going to be a couple weeks of me poking fun at a few things inspired by Fallout 4. Specifically, some things to do with settlements and really early game stuff, so fear not, those who fear major spoilers.

As for why the block, I think everything that follows is more amusing and (less wordy) with the block doing things. There's also less setup and need for clarity when your protagonist is some sort of cat block thing that only makes weird noises (with occasional cursing, apparently).

In any case, the next five comics are already written, this should literally only be a couple weeks, and then we'll be moving on to... Well, I haven't decided yet, but I hope to have it written in advance because I fear the alternative. Don't get me wrong, I liked Escape From the Mall, but I'm not eager to write as I go again any time soon.