Comic for Wednesday, Mar 8, 2017


Posted March 8, 2017 at 1:23 am

This comic wound up getting posted later in the day, which makes  it a little embarrassing that I also wound up deciding Kitty's response would be more amusing if I made use of copy-paste fu, the laziest of martial arts.

BUT the delay had nothing to do with drawing! I was deciding how exactly I wanted to wrap things up with Kitty and Felix for the time being, and whether or not I wanted to keep this going somethow in order to give Felix an opportunity to claim a new preferred name, which was something I'm pretty sure I said would happen in an earlier commentary.
Ultimately, since they are returning at some point in the future, I decided to save it for then, and that this was the best way to end their story for now. If they're coming back, the whole name thing is better saved for then, as it would naturally be part of a greater discussion.
Also, "_____ will return in The Avengers" jokes are still fresh, right? Right? Right.