Comic for Monday, Mar 6, 2017


Posted March 6, 2017 at 4:20 pm

One might see why I wanted to have the previous comic with Pandora's comments first now, as this really could be interpretted as Felix just wanting to do certain things with Kitty, and I really, really didn't want to give that potential impression and then have it hang for a few days until Pandora could swoop in to clarify otherwise.

Chronologically, however, having this first would have made more sense. It immediately follows the "no" from two comics prior, and as someone pointed out to me, Pandora knowing about Felix and the pet cat girl thing is made a little odd, as Pandora can't simply read minds.

What Pandora CAN do, however is sense what spells she can give people, and something of why! And while she can only give someone one spell via mark, there is the potential for there to be more than one choice for that spell. Therefore, the reason Pandora had such insights was because there were at least two spells available as options, with one being yearned for more strongly.

In this way, Pandora could know that Felix is a trans woman, and that Felix is also totally super into the whole pet cat girl thing. Given that Pandora decided to mark Felix because Tedd would want her to, and that she was presumably trying to do a genuinely nice thing that Tedd would approve of*, odds are the spell associated with the former is what Felix wound up with.

Well, that, or it was just one spell with a lot of options and complicated details / motivations to it, but that can be decided in the inevitable sequel to this.

* I know someone's bound to say that Tedd would totally approve of cat girlness, and Tedd would, but there's no way Tedd would prioritize that over something someone wanted more, and Pandora of all people would know that.