Comic for Wednesday, Jan 4, 2017


Posted January 4, 2017 at 1:15 am

I am certain this woman will not complicate anything.

This comic wound up getting posted significantly later than I would have liked due to Kitty, here. As I've mentioned, this EGS:NP storyline has a lot of improv to it, and Kitty wasn't originally part of the plan. I only came up with her... Well, I forget exactly when, but it was RECENT, darn it, and I still had to decide on her design and everything immediately relevant regarding her personality.

Granted, her personality is a direct reflection of what's needed for this situation and isn't terribly complex at the moment, BUT THERE WERE STILL THINGS TO SORT OUT, DARN IT! She has likes, dislikes, hopes, and dreams! ...All of which are based on what I needed from her for in this storyline, but still.

EDIT - The first and second panel of this comic originally broke the 180 rule, which is a guideline that, in this context, basically says the guy in panel one and Kitty in panel two should be facing different directions to make it clear that it's different people speaking in each panel.

A lot of comics could have safely ignored this guideline here given how different the guy in panel one looks from Kitty.

In a comic where magic and transformation is afoot, and the possibility of a shockwave of catness turning everyone into catgirls has been brought up, howevver, some people actually did interpret this comic as the guy in panel one turning into Kitty in panel 2.

This wasn't helped by the panel two having motion lines at first, intended to suggest Kitty shaking with frustration, that could have been interpretted as further implying transformation. I got rid of those rather quickly (they're not even in the "originally" version I showed earlier), thinking that would solve everything.

It did not, however, so I fixed this comic proper by bowing down to the 180 rule, which truly exists for a reason.

ALSO! So long as I'm editing, the mangas on the floor are:

Cowboy Rocksteady
No Punch Man
Ranma 1/4
Dragon Ball W
Two Piece