Comic for Monday, Jan 2, 2017


Posted January 2, 2017 at 7:43 pm

- "A shockwave of catness"

Catalina has had it with the bleeping transformations in this blippity bleeping mall!

EGS is read throughout the world (neat!), which means I MIGHT need to explain department stores in malls? I have no idea.

On the other hand, I'm just calling them what I've always called them, and sometimes I've learned the wrong words for things, so maybe I'm not even calling them the right thing. I'm sure I'll find out soon after I post this!

Anyway, every big mall I've been to has been effectively shaped like very poorly drawn plus signs or triangles with three to four big department stores at the end points. These stores are big, can span multiple floors, and have a large assortment of things. They're distinctive from all the other stores in the mall, and even if you were to cut them off and make them entirely separate, they'd still be relatively large.

In short, Catalina's actually pretty on the ball, here. They could easily be cornered in any of the smaller shops, whereas they'll have tons of options and escape routes where she's suggesting.