Comic for Wednesday, Nov 23, 2016


Posted November 23, 2016 at 1:00 am

- Not THAT long ago, but still

It's dangerous to remind me that I can make any fashion trend I want canon.

I'm very much aware of people not remembering that this is a flashback (at least not when it was first being gradually posted on a Mon-Weds-Friday schedule, which is understandable), so I felt it necessary to draw attention to that.

Were it a minor detail, I would've just shown a Halloween decoration outside a shop or something. Diane's presence and the fact that she's on a date makes it something of a major detail, however, so we get Amanda rocking eighties fashion (the logical conclusion if ever there was one).

As for unsalted soft pretzels with lemonade, I just like that combination. It's really good. I find the salt on the salted pretzels where I get pretzels a bit overpowering, and they put a lot on them.

Which, I confess, is one of the reasons I had Diane specify she wanted unsalted pretzels. That weird detail oriented part of my brain was just like "she's going to eat two? That's a lot of salt. You should clarify she's getting unsalted. Besides, you like those better." And then I was like "that's a good point, brain. I think I'll do that."

And so I did. The end. Of this commentary. Not the storyline. There's still more escaping from the mall yet to do.