Comic for Friday, Jul 22, 2016


Posted July 22, 2016 at 1:01 am

And no one ever spoke of it again.

Kidding! I kid. But seriously, we've acknowledged it in-comic now o_o

I explained why Grace wouldn't play Undertale in comic in an earlier commentary, but people have continued to comment on Grace and Undertale, so I decided to make this.

This is not meant as a knock at Undertale. The simple facts are (a) the game is best played unspoiled, (b) Grace would play it exactly like you're supposed to and without any personal conflict, and (c) most of the jokes I could make with Grace playing it have most certainly been made elsewhere. I consider (a) reason enough, but I've got (b) and (c) to boot.

I'm also not really looking for other pacifist / no-kill games for Grace to play. I thank everyone for the suggestions, but I did Fallout: New Vegas because I like the game and there was a lot of moral ambiguity about playing the game that way, and I did Deus Ex: Human Revolution because I like the game and had specific things I wanted to comment on. I'm not really on a hunt for pacifist run games for Grace to play.

Granted, if I find a game I like with a pacifist option and have things to say about it, I'm sure Grace will get around to failing to remain pacifist in it at some point.

Sidenote: Apologies to former Typography teachers for artificially italicizing "Undertale" in the second panel. Impact apparently thinks it's too good for properly made italics.