Comic for Wednesday, Jul 20, 2016


Posted July 20, 2016 at 1:01 am

I wanted to give Grace a free pass on this, given her intelligence with language and claiming to know some Danish, but I don't get off so easily.

I had looked up Bae after making this comic due to the popular "Mei is Bae" expression. I had said "Grace is bae" when announcing the comic, and I got a few negative responses to the use of "bea". when I looked into why, I found information that seemed to confirm what I stated in the previous comic's commentary.

Or did I say "Mei is Bae" before then and got the response from that? I'm sorting through conflicting memories... Either way, this is all Overwatch's fault.

Anyway, then the previous comic happened, AND THE DANISH WERE UNLEASHED. Or, at least, Danish-speaking people. I figured the only responsible thing to do was to own up to it (and get a free comic out of the situation).