Comic for Monday, Dec 7, 2015


Posted December 7, 2015 at 1:01 am

- Training with Greg
- Ellen presumably suggested ice cream as an alternative after panel two

Hey, is that an angelic tweeting bird of some sort?

This comic was originally the first panel followed by Ellen and Sarah talking, but I decided to instead show examples of why they should be used to seeing Grace like that first. Because, really, it is better to show examples than to just allude to something being a thing, and it wasn't just an excuse to draw those panels. 

No, really, it's better to show example. Drawing those panels were just a bonus.

The fact that I felt the angelic tweeting bird necessary in panel two wound up annoying me more than I expected. If I were drawing a man doing the exact same thing, nobody would be demanding an angelic tweeting bird conveniently fly by. I wound up naming the layer it was on "censor bird", and...

What? Well, yes, the bird was on its own separate layer, and I drew what's under it, but that's not important right now. What's important is that it shouldn't be a big deal if, on a hot day, a woman wishes to...

What? No, hypothetical person interrupting a commentary that was clearly written in advance and could not possibly be interrupted as though it were a spoken discussion, I'm not sharing a version of this comic without the bird! This commentary is over!

Seriously, though, that's not a cool double standard.