Comic for Friday, Nov 6, 2015


Posted November 6, 2015 at 1:01 am

What? No! We need a dozen comics of them arguing without anyone clarifying what their basic objective is!

...Wait, that sounds awful. Can you imagine if a TV show were written around the principle of nobody being clear about anything until the very end, if at all? I'd call it a "sitcom", and it would drive people to madness.

That said, there'll still be conflict, including the conflict of whether Grace still gives a carp about MV5 after this comic.

This is the part where I'd link to an earlier comic with a super manly character in it as a possible example of what they're going for with MV5, but I'm having trouble thinking of decent examples. Manliest thing I can think of is Nanase with a mustache, and I'm not sure that counts.