Comic for Wednesday, Oct 7, 2015


Posted October 7, 2015 at 2:11 am

In case it's never been apparent, Ellen has a tendency to just wear whatevs when she's not out in public, and may not bother getting cleaned up until relatively late in the day. You could accuse her of being lazy, but she's a student who finds time to solve fake supernatural (and sometimes for real supernatural) crime in her spare time, so--

Wait a minute. Um, I'm not an expert, but did I inadvertently make Ellen sort of like the original Sherlock Holmes? I could be mistaken. This literally just occurred to me as I was typing this commentary, and I'm just vaguely recalling things I've heard said of him, so... Opinions. Sure.

And now for weird, behind the scenes psychology:

As odd as it may sound, the changing of the seasons has recently been wreaking havok on my ability to visualize comics during the day. A lot of what I do depends on me getting into character (thinking and feeling like they do), and the changing of seasons hits me like a ton of bricks for some reason. I get tired, and it's difficult to get into character.

At night, however, there's not much difference. Everything seems mostly as it was, and I have more energy. It's like October has turned me into some sort of creativity vampire. Except that makes it sound like I fly around draining the creativity of other people, so that's not quite appropriate, but...

Look, point is, I've been temporarily rendered a night owl as far as getting anything creative done is concerned. Which is weird, but it's a thing that is happening to me. Maybe I should get a cape.