Comic for Monday, Jul 20, 2015


Posted July 20, 2015 at 9:52 pm

The final version of this comic doesn't quite reflect its inspiration, but reflecting the inspiration was convoluted and overly wordy to make clear, so we get this. HUZZAH!

Basically, the inspiration came from me considering that there are things myself and others like or dislike that we may be proud of and others might praise us for, but how it's entirely possible, even common, that we like or dislike those things for entirely personal reasons that have nothing to do with enlightenment of any kind.

This is something I've considered a lot, but it was most recently in regard to myself and how I generally don't like things that take me out of the stories, and how my first personal objection to a lot of imagery other people might find offensive for more socially conscious reasons boils down to "it breaks my suspension of disbelief".

So, yeah. The person I'm poking fun at via Rich today is myself. NO ONE IS SAFE FROM BEING RICH.

This particular Rich, I mean. Many aspire to be Richard, or at least have his hair, but few succeed. And I'm sure there are lots of cool people named Rich reading this. In fact, if you are reading this, and your name is Rich, you are honorary cool.