Comic for Monday, May 18, 2015


Posted May 18, 2015 at 1:00 am

Story comic will be posted later in the day

The REAL question, of course, is whether *I* knew that score was being used incorrectly.

Yes and no, actually. I wasn't sure of the proper usage of score or what exactly it meant (as used in "four score and seven years ago", so I looked it up. I learned of its archaic meaning and how to properly use it, but I somehow wound up messing it up anyway.

I like Sarah awkwardly pointing it out, however, and messing with people is sort of Pandora's thing, so I rolled with it instead of editing anything.

In any case, STORYLINE OVER! WOO! We're far from done with Sarah's new spell, Pandora, and everything that's been brought up here, but it's time to shift gears for a bit.

Besides, if we keep going, it'll be impossible to not spoil the current story storyline. This storyline took place on the same day as Elliot's date, after all, and ended chronologically after where their date is at now. Heck, it's entirely possible Sarah knows how that storyline ends (don't bother bugging her about it; She won't tell you).