Comic for Friday, Jan 23, 2015


Posted January 23, 2015 at 3:02 am

Rich is, of course, responding to opinions Susan has shared on her online review show. He may or may not recall the time he actually met Susan in person, but odds are he remembers Catalina more.

I'm not 100% sure why I decided it was absolutely necessary that Susan be drinking something in this comic, but I did. It just felt right to me, possibly because I think it makes her look more nonchalant. Or maybe I thought it would look cute. Hell, I can have two reasons.

This comic is inspired by an actual e-mail and my response to it.  As much as I welcome criticism and debate about important issues, I've reached the conclusion that I don't have to devote my time and attention to every message I receive. If someone wishes to persuade me of something, they can very well be polite about it, and if they are unwilling to do so, then I will respond in kind and ignore their message entirely.

Or make a snarky comic about it. Either / or.

Heck, even if they aren't trying to convince me of something, they can very well be polite about it if they truly want me to read their message. My time is valuable to me. I will not expend it upon those who are actively giving me reason not to. There are others I could, and should, be devoting that time to.