Comic for Friday, Oct 31, 2014


Posted October 31, 2014 at 1:07 am

- Annnnnnngst...!
- Illusory carrots

Susan was not hyped for new spells. Being Susan, she did read up on the spells she had and occasionally took a look at it at first, but she hasn't been diligently or eagerly checking it.

Granted, she didn't think she needed to check, so diligence wasn't really a factor. Of course, she was vaguely aware of Elliot not checking his spell book properly, so if she'd been paying the sort of attention she normally does, she'd have known to at least ask about it, so perhaps a lack of diligence is applicable...

You know what? Whatever. Diligence is applicable and I used it in a sentence. I'm counting it as my properly used cool word of the day.