Comic for Wednesday, Oct 29, 2014


Posted October 29, 2014 at 1:28 am

 - Nanase acquiring the angel spell
- Divine intervention, maybe? #1
- Divine intervention, maybe? #2

I stand by my policy of not saying one way or the other whether there's anything interventiony about the guardian forms. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't. It's one of those things where it feels like the characters shouldn't have a definitive answer and have to reach their own conclusions.

On a less heavy note, BLARGH! Susan misunderstood (or rather, only partly understood), the purpose of the spellbooks. It's not that she wasn't bothering to check because she's absent minded and mellow to a fault at times (*cough* Elliot *cough*). She mistakenly believed she would naturally know when to check. It's possible she checked on occasion anyway, but after a few months of nothing, well...

I actually am saying more than I should beyond the comic itself in defense of this, but I can already see the e-mails in my mind and I want to just say NOPE! Already had my say in the commentary! Argue with it if you must! My work is done here! I'm going to go finally play the Luigi's Mansion game for the Nintendo 3DS that I've had for months and never gotten around to playing, so THERE!


Ha ha, Luigi hums to the background music. Adorable.