Comic for Friday, Sep 5, 2014


Posted September 5, 2014 at 1:00 am

- Height increasing boots
- Get me a soda
- And, of course, the start of this storyline

Tedd's confidence in a couple inches going unnoticed might be a little overly optimistic, but it is true that footwear can change and simply how a person stands can make a big difference, so... Actually, maybe he has a better point than I thought.

Nanase's point in panel one of this comic was something that occurred to me as I was making the comic in which Susan made the height request, and it is a fair point. Of course, the end result would effectively be smaller than Little Nase is now in every regard but height, so it's also fair to say she wouldn't be around the same size, which is supposedly the point.

That said, I like the "she needs to be able to fetch me stuff" counterpoint better.