Comic for Friday, Jan 29, 2010


Posted January 29, 2010 at 1:00 am
As those of you who closely monitor my Twitter account are likely aware, this comic was inspired by my reading an article about journalists with skills as physicians in emergency situations using those skills to help people and the criticisms they faced for doing so.

I understand that the criticism is most likely fueled by possible grandstanding. Nonetheless, as far as selfish behavior goes, I'd say saving people's lives is a pretty shiny silver lining. If I was in a disaster situation with limited doctors and resources present and the caveat of being saved was that it would be by the hands of a journalist with a camera man filming it, I just can't picture myself turning away the assistance.

Frankly, between a news report on disaster scenarios where the journalists stand in front of a camera while bad stuff happens in the background and a news report where the journalists roll up their sleeves and help out, I would rather watch the latter. I'm in favor of unbiased reporting, but I don't consider news crews lending a hand during a disaster a breach of that. If anything, it would be an example of people setting things aside to help and possibly inspire others to assist. I have no problem with that.

As for the comic itself, Super Elliot was first, and last, seen during Sleepy Time, as was reporter girlfriend Sarah. I was originally going to have a skyline of a city in the background, but I found I simply didn't want to have a meteor destroy a city, not even in what is most likely a dream of Elliot's in a non-canon NP comic. So instead, we get some badly drawn generic mountains, or possibly dunes. HOORAY!

Super Elliot is currently sporting a trendy nineties haircut. I suppose this suggests there was a "Death Of Super Elliot" event going on somewhere in Elliot's subconscious. He also seems to have taken up reporting, which may suggest he's abandoned his secret identity as a mild-mannered reporter and is just doing it full time? I don't know; this comic messes with my head.