Comic for Wednesday, Jan 27, 2010


Posted January 27, 2010 at 1:00 am
Grace may be kind and bubbly most of the time, but I love it when she's snarky. Her snarky might may be buried under a surface of cuteness, but it's there, and it will jump out at you given just cause.

The movie Tedd is talking about is Monsters vs. Aliens, but I decided to make it a generic reference as there really didn't seem to be any need to be specific. Besides, the matter of clothes that conveniently grow in one area just enough to prevent nudity is a fairly common circumstance in fiction.

Interestingly enough, Grace is actually wrong. She would probably be right if she was referring only to why more skin isn't showing, but in regard to why the dress winds up as it does, it's an homage to Attack Of The Fifty Foot Woman.

There is an irony to the backgrounds in this comic. I have the opposite corner of Tedd's basement done up in 3D and I did use the model as reference, but given how far away and irrelevant those background details were, I left them out and stuck to gradients. The sequence in panel two has the detailed background, and I just drew that from scratch without any references.