Comic for Thursday, Jan 7, 2010


Posted January 7, 2010 at 1:00 am
TF Busters, or at least this installment, concludes with this strip. Now that the concept has been introduced, I can pretty much have a TF Busters strip at any time, so it doesn't really need to have a storyline mandating myth after myth. The standard formula for one of these strips is for it to introduce what it's about in the first panel, so there won't exactly be mass confusion if a myth gets inserted among other standalone strips.

As for this myth, it's among the most requested. It might even be more requested than the two I previously claimed as being most requested, but whatever. It has now been answered.

I first drew Tedd in the last panel with the intent of him (well, technically her) being of a normal height, but after the tail reminded me of Godzilla, I decided to make him larger than normal. Based on the sketches, Grace (who is still her normal size) is less than two thirds but more than half the height of Tedd in that panel.

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