Comic for Tuesday, Jan 5, 2010


Posted January 5, 2010 at 1:00 am
I love the Scooby Doo series in much the same way I love Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. I can generally take or leave their cartoons and comics, but I love the general concepts and the jokes one can make about them.

All of these characters have been in good cartoons in recent years, however, which makes them all the better. There was a Halloween episode of one of the newer Scooby series that had Kiss in it that was hilarious and even managed to sneak in somewhat subtle jokes cleary meant for older viewers. That, in my opinion, elevates it above a kids' show into a family show, and I apploud any series that does that.

Anyway, Grace is dressed in the classic Daphne garb in the last panel, but Tedd's dressed in the modern Velma outfit (the classic outfit is more bulky and lumpy). I was actually going to make Tedd dressed like Fred, but really, there are just so many reasons he had to wind up looking like Velma.

The shades of grey used are based on a cast image from Scooby Doo that I converted to greyscale, upped the contrast on, and converted to my palette. Grace's Daphne outfit is a little darker than the results I got simply because her hair is longer than Daphne's and the overlap hurt the contrast.

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