Comic for Tuesday, Dec 22, 2009


Posted December 22, 2009 at 1:00 am
Aw, Grace, how can you say no to that face in panel two? It's just so snuggily wuggably adora--SNAP OUT OF IT! *erhem* Excuse me.

To be fair, Tedd would never actually consider zapping Jeremy within continuity. Even if he would, he wouldn't need to. They have a simulator for this sort of thing. They could have their theoretical answer without zapping a darn thing.

So why doesn't this strip answer what might be the #1 most requested transformation myth? Because I haven't decided. I felt a need to acknowledge the existence of this question due to how many people asked, but I don't want to settle on the answer. This strip is basically the equivalent of a magic 8-ball's "ask again later" response. It's aware of your question, but is not ready to answer.

I will say that it's unlikely that your standard forms would do anything to Jeremy. Transformation beams act relative to their targets and analyze them before doing anything, so a V5 beam would likely analyze Jeremy and conclude "no sir, can't do it."

The REAL mystery is clone forms, the forms that always result in an identical appearance regardless of who is zapped. The most rational answer is no; the beam would determine it isn't dealing with a bipedal being and not transform the target. Nonetheless, if there's a story to be had, there are plenty of arguments for it working.

So, basically, this myth is tentatively "busted", but that result could be overturned in a revisit. For now, it's officially up in the air.

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