Comic for Thursday, Dec 17, 2009


Posted December 17, 2009 at 1:00 am
So many people had the same experience of not realizing Tedd was a girl in the previous strip prior to its fourth panel that I just had to comment on it. Not only that, but I wanted to see if I could lightning to strike twice, so I kept Tedd's hair the same as the previous strip even though he's back to being a guy in this one. I think it's obvious by panel two, but we shall see...

Anyway, I didn't have much to say about Tedd being androgynous beyond old jokes (at least without making the comic bigger), so I decided to turn it into a comment on something else.

I believe I've mentioned it outside of the comic itself before, but I originally pictured time within the comic progressing faster with the story slowing down a bit once they reached senior year. That has turned out to very much not be the case, but I still can't honestly say I picture these characters as the ages they're supposed to be in the continuity. It feels like they should be starting community college and dealing with stuff like figuring out what major to take later and stuff like that.

There will be time jumps in the story, but nothing so dramatic as skipping over summer and senior year. I do want to speed things up a bit, though, and I foresee weeks to a month or two passing between future storylines being more common than not.

As for Tedd getting a keg, well... Tedd's not the sort I see as being so reckless as to binge drink, but he is one of the main eight who would at least have a genuine interesting in trying alcohol. I personally finally tried alcohol this past year, but it barely seems to affect me and I don't miss it when I don't drink for months at a time, so I don't foresee it becoming a big part of my life.

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