Comic for Tuesday, Nov 10, 2009


Posted November 10, 2009 at 1:00 am

I suspect there will be airborne monocles all over the dang place once this strip is posted. I considered less blunt ways of delivering the final sentence of panel three, but in my opinion, any such attempt makes it significantly less funny.

This could be viewed as social commentary, but if I were to be completely honest, I mostly just think it's funny that they'd actually have on/off switches. I think it's safe to assume this takes place in some bizarre alternate reality.

I considered various regular characters to include in this comic, but given the joke it ends on, I didn't feel comfortable doing so. I also avoid actually naming the mascot and what company he's associated with for similar reasons. While I do feel this is a fitting joke for EGS, I think it's sometimes best to leave regular characters out of it.

That won't be common, though. In most cases, if the joke requires more adult characters, there are some to choose from and there's always the option of bringing out characters from Germahn Labs such as Amanda and Lisa.

The woman performing the research has been in the comic before, however. She was giving museum tours in part 2 of the Sister II story arc. I guess that means this strip takes places in England? Is it funnier with English accents? Yes? No? English?

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